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Portale pateikiami iš kitų šaltinių bei specialiai šiam projektui parengti straipsniai ekologijos, aplinkos tausojimo, darnaus vystymosi, atsinaujinančios energijos, klimato kaitos, transporto ir kitomis temomis lietuvių bei anglų kalbomis. Bendras sukauptų straipsnių skaičius archyve viršyja 500.
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Biofuels: Driving in the Wrong Direction?

My ethanol car is not looking so good these days.

Winds Of Change

The countries of the European Union are currently the global leaders in the development and application of renewable energy.

Yes, the Water’s Warm . . . Too Warm

The reef looked small from the boat, but once I plunged into the Caribbean I found myself gazing at what looked like a vast and intricate community, which was oddly dead and alive at the same time.

Army to Turn Trash Into Power in Iraq

The water bott les, plastic foam plates and other trash discarded by American troops in Iraq’s mess halls may soon be serving double-duty — as an unlikely power source to illuminate barracks and p

Climate Change, Global Warming and Too Much Sorry Business

The expression ‘sorry business’ is used by many indigenous Australians to refer to the death of a family member and the profoundly difficult and extenuating circumstances that follow.

Sins of Emission

Seven years into the administration of George W.

Shades of green

The president said to Congress: „To waste, to destroy, our natural resources…will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them

Rise to the challenge

The past year has seen a growing storm of environmental campaigners threatening to bring the air transport industry down to earth.


Recently I wrote about the abundance of solar energy available to us, and the small fraction of it we would need to capture to meet all of our energy needs.

Reasons to see red over green energy

You’d hope, wouldn’t you, that the government department responsible for energy to heat our homes, power our cars and so on would be on top of two key issues - a switch to a low-carbon economy and

Recycling in the Workplace Help Get the Earth Healthy!

With Americans focusing renewed attention on the health of the planet, recycling becomes more and more a part of everyday life.

Racing to hug those trees

Next week the United Nations will convene yet another meeting to debate a successor to the Kyoto protocol, its treaty on climate change.

Protecting Our Planet

Flynn Ringrose stared at the dripping glacier. He was at Auyuittuq (eye-you-we-took) National Park in the Canadian Arctic. The park takes its name from the local Inuktitut language.


Oil prices are soaring. Returns on energy stocks have been fat. The 30 largest oil companies account for some 6% of the entire global equities market.